Because of Dell'Arte ... I've woken up in Saskatoon!

by Sarah Petersiel (PTP 2003)

Because of Dell'Arte ...  I've woken up in Saskatoon!

Sarah Petersiel

Sarah Petersiel

And Bogotá.

And Aarhus.

And Mexico City. 

And domestic hot spots like Ames, Iowa. 

Drawing a direct line between my time at Dell'Arte and my life now would be easy, even for a dummy. I'm Co-Artistic Director of Under the Table – a small physical comedy ensemble rife (infested?) with DA alums. We've toured a lot, tapping frequently into the family network. Shout-out to Sara Katzoff and her Berkshire Fringe! Shout-out to Tim Cunningham for getting us the in in Norfolk, VA! Shout-out to Michael Fields and his Colombian connections!

For nine years I worked for the Big Apple Circus' Clown Care Unit and am now a hospital clown with Healthy Humor's Red Nose Docs. Clown doctoring is a line of work/passion my classmate Stephanie Roberts turned me onto during our time in the PTP trenches. During a recent hospital shift, a kid shouted at me with glee: “YOU'RE DUMB!!!” Something welled up in me. It was pride.

I'm also a Teaching Artist at the New Victory Theater, where I'm happily pigeon-holed among the physical theatre types. At both Healthy Humor and the New Vic, I work alongside other DA alums. What do I do in my free time? Live with and see shows by and eat food in the shape of: Dell'Artians. I'm not trying to out-DA anybody, just expressin' that the institution has a welcome hold on my life.

So thanks very much Dell'Arte – thanks teachers, classmates, ensemble-mates, fellow alums. While I sometimes dream of being a simple tax preparer and leaving behind the vulnerability and hustle of the theatre world, I'll most likely let that dream die. Dying dreams being the note on which I prefer to end all blog posts, with reiterating my thanks coming in a close second. 

Sarah Petersiel is Co-Artistic Director of Under the Table, “Dr. Eleven” with Healthy Humor's Red Nose Docs, a Teaching Artist at The New Victory Theater, and Dancify That's Official Timekeeper/Grim Reaper. Visit: